Rose Croix District

of Warwickshire

Thank you for visiting this web site for the Ancient and Accepted Rite for England and Wales and its Districts and Chapters Overseas, District of Warwickshire. The Rite is more commonly known as Rose Croix but in reality that is only a part of the Order.

The necessary qualifications for membership are for the applicant to be of high moral standing, to be willing to sign the prescribed declaration that he professes the Trinitarian Christian faith and to have been a Master Mason for twelve  months or more. There is no requirement for an applicant to be a member of any other Order and nor does an interested Mason need to wait to be invited to apply for membership.

It is a thought provoking Order, the work of the Chapter being conducted in a quiet and gentle manner as is the enjoyment of the after proceeding at the festive board.

We welcome new members and you are invited to make contact with the Recorder, or a member known to you, of the particular Chapter that interests you. You are also more than welcome to make contact with the District Recorder or myself should you so wish.

This web site gives you the opportunity to read and download a pamphlet entitled What a Candidate for the Rose Croix should know.

For web site visitors who are  members of the Order the information on the site enables you to keep abreast of what is happening in the District and the Chapters.

Thank you for visiting and please do so on a frequent and regular basis!

A reminder to members; the current book of ritual is that dated 2008.

V. Ill. Bro. Alan John Wellan 33°

Inspector General

V. Ill. Alan J Wellan, Inspector General

District News

Blessed are the pure in heart - Annual Church Service 2017

More than 140 brethren and their families were at our annual service on Sunday 10th - a very pleasing turn out given the number of alternative masonic events that same day.

Peter Round and his team delivered another excellent lunch at Alderson House, where fifty attendees fortified themselves ahead of the service.

A short drive afterwards to Sherbourne brought All Saints Parish Church into view.  Having held the luncheon slightly earlier than in previous years there was time for all to appreciate the architectural beauty of this Early English, marble decorated gift from the Smith - Ryland family.

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Annual Church Service 2017

The Sovereign Grand Inspector General, District of Warwickshire, V.\Ill.\Bro. Alan J. Wellan 33°, would be delighted if you and your family and friends would join him and his wife Joy at the Annual Rose Croix Church Service at 3pm on Sunday 10th September 2017. 

Held at All Saints Church, Sherbourne, CV35 8AP the service will this year be conducted and the address given by the Rev. Dr. Vaughan S. Roberts, Team Vicar of St. Mary's Collegiate Church and Team Rector of Warwick.   W. Bro. Michael Irving will again be directing the Provincial Choir with E. & P. Bro. Peter Summers accompanying on the Organ and giving a recital before the start of the service. Regalia will not be worn. A pre-service Luncheon has been arranged at Alderson House, Warwick: reception at 12:15pm for lunch at 12:45pm. The price is £22.00 per person excluding wine. Tea or coffee and cake will be served (if pre-booked and paid for) in the Sherbourne Village Hall after the service at a cost of £6.00 per person. Vouchers will be issued at the luncheon to those who have ordered and paid for tea and cake. Vouchers for tea and cake will be sent by post to those not attending the lunch.


Smoked Haddock and Salmon fish cakes, Chicken breast with apricot and tarragon sauce, new potatoes and seasonal vegetables, Creme Brulée with red fruits, Tea or Coffee.

Vegetarian menu:

Pearls of melon with mango and ginger, Spinach and Ricotta cheese pasta, new potatoes and seasonal vegetables, Creme Brulée with red fruits, Tea or Coffee.

A double-Perfection at St Benedict Chapter

Thursday 22nd June will see two Candidates being Perfected simultaneously, thanks to the good offices of Himalaya Chapter No 80 who have loaned their ladder and so forth.  The Chapter has been very fortunate in attracting new members in recent years but the timing for the latest brethren was such that a ten-month wait was inevitable for one of them if a "double" was not to be held. 

Ceremonies like this are rarely performed and the brethren of St Benedict Chapter are grateful for the understanding and assistance they have received from our Inspector General and the District Recorder in making the necessary preparations. 

If you would like to witness this rare event you can obtain a Summons by contacting the Recorder on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The 2017 MRCCI Demonstration of a ceremony of Perfection

Alderson House was packed with brethren on Tuesday, 23rd May to witness another fine Demonstration by District of Warwickshire brethren.  And what good fortune those visitors had, as the patent enthusiasm of the Deputy Preceptors was reflected in the high quality of the ritual displayed. 

Eight of the eighteen Chapters in our District provided the demonstration team: five from Silhill, two each from Barnard and St Benedict plus one representative each from Vernon, Leigh, Aesculapius, Greswolde and Guy’s Cliffe Chapters. Each one of them had chosen to push themselves beyond the Office that they currently hold and their enjoyment of the work proved to be infectious amongst the visitors.

Offices were rotated between the Demonstration team throughout the evening to give everyone a chance to test themselves with the more challenging aspects of the ritual, interspersed with a helpful commentary from the Narrator: Ill. Bro. Steven Fowler. Learning and self-improvement has rarely been more fun. 

The catering at Alderson House was at its usual high standard for the subsequent Festive Board, at which our Inspector General expressed his thanks to both the Preceptors and all participants for the time and effort they had clearly invested for our collective benefit before another happy evening of Rose Croix masonry drew to a close. 

There is no substitute though for taking part, benefitting not only your own understanding of our beautiful Christian Order and its ritual but also that of your Chapter, so please request the automatic website updates so you don’t miss the opportunity next year.