Rose Croix District

of Warwickshire

The Order

The Ancient and Accepted Rite comprises thirty-three degrees of which only the 18° is worked in full in a Chapter. The first three degrees of Craft Masonry are accepted as equivalent to the first three degrees of this Order and the Supreme Council confers the last four (30° to 33°). The remaining intermediate degrees are conferred by name.

Being a progressive Order, it is the aspiration (but not a requirement) of most members to attain the Chair of Sovereign (the equivalent of Worshipful Master in the Craft). By the time he has served his year as Sovereign, he will have been expected to have carried out the complete 18° ceremony and also the short ceremony of enthroning his successor. As very few Rose Croix Masons withdraw from progression, it can take about six to ten years to pass through the different Offices.

Throughout England and Wales and certain Districts and Chapters Overseas the Order is governed by the Supreme Council 33º whose headquarters are known as Grand East and are located at No. 10 Duke Street, St. James's, London. It is at the Grand East where the other degrees of the Rite (30°, 31°, 32° and 33°) are conferred.

Warwickshire District

The District of Warwickshire comprises 19 Rose Croix Chapters. The Chapters are not generally large in membership numbers; the emphasis being on members who will maintain the quality, friendliness and warmth of the Order.  Chapters meet two or three times a year with meetings usually commencing at around 6pm and concluding, after a traditional festive board, by around 9:30pm.

The District is led by an Inspector General, currently the V. Ill. Bro. Alan John Wellan 33°, assisted by a District Recorder. The Chapter fees are maintained at a modest level commensurate with the limited costs of administration.

The members meet together each year, with ladies and friends, at a church service in All Saints Church, Sherbourne, on the second Sunday in September. The service is usually preceded by a luncheon. This event is kindly organised by the District’s Higher Degrees Chapter, Warwickshire Chapter Rose Croix No. 483.
All members of the Order are invited to attend the annual colourful demonstrations of one or two of the Intermediate Degrees (from the 4° to the 17° inclusive), enacted by the King Edward VII Chapter of Improvement, under the aegis of the Supreme Council. These demonstrations are held at various venues around the country.