Rose Croix District

of Warwickshire

A downloadable copy of the formal toast list is now available. 

The Formal Toasts are as follows,

(i) THE LOYAL TOAST is announced by the DC as:

''We will sing the first verse of the National Anthem after which the Sovereign will propose the toast ". Sovereign says "The Queen" (NO FIRE)

(ii)  The Grand Patron (fired)

(iii)  The Supreme Council 33° (fired)

(iv)  The Sovereign Grand Inspector General Designate in Charge (fired)

(v)  The Most Wise Sovereign (fired)

(vi)  The Newly Perfected Prince (fired)

Download this file (Rose Croix Formal Toasts (March 2014).pdf)Rose Croix Formal Toasts (March 2014).pdf[Formal Toast List]