Rose Croix District

of Warwickshire

More than 140 brethren and their families were at our annual service on Sunday 10th - a very pleasing turn out given the number of alternative masonic events that same day.

Peter Round and his team delivered another excellent lunch at Alderson House, where fifty attendees fortified themselves ahead of the service.

A short drive afterwards to Sherbourne brought All Saints Parish Church into view.  Having held the luncheon slightly earlier than in previous years there was time for all to appreciate the architectural beauty of this Early English, marble decorated gift from the Smith - Ryland family.

As the congregation gathered E & P Bro. Peter Summers gave an organ recital and then the Church Warden, W. Bro. David Hill, welcomed all to his church.  He expressed the thanks of the church for the continued financial support of the District and also the enjoyment of the parish of what he described as a highlight of their year; hearing the full capabilities of the organ being exhibited in support of a handsome choir and attendance.

We were delighted to have amongst our guests the Inspectors General of Berkshire and Dyfed, the Provincial Prior of Warwickshire KT and the Sub Prior in Charge of Worcestershire KT. Because of other events on the same day our own RC member and Provincial Grand Master was not with us this year and nor was the M E Grand Superintendent.

W Bro. Michael Irving led the Provincial Choir in another splendid performance to the delight of all.  The reigning Most Wise Sovereign of Warwickshire Chapter No. 483, Ill. Bro. Charles Williams 32°, read the first lesson and the second was delivered by the Inspector General.

A thought-provoking sermon on the theme “Blessed are the pure in heart” (Matthew 5) was delivered by The Reverend Dr. Vaughan S. Roberts, Team Vicar of St. Mary’s Collegiate Church and Team Rector of Warwick, and he has kindly allowed the text to be published.  This gave a welcome reminder of the complete presence of God in every aspect of our lives, encouraging all to reflect deeply upon the reported words of Christ which, like this sermon, grow in meaning and value as a reward for patient study.  No doubt the text will be a helpful reminder to those fortunate enough to hear the sermon at first hand and those who were unable to attend might welcome a taste of what they missed.

After prayers for our Queen and an uplifting rendition of the National Anthem there was a leisurely stroll along the country lane to the village hall for tea and cakes for those lucky enough to have booked early.  To that end you are urged to join the regular attendees and put 9th September 2018 in your diary now, as this has become a “must” for so many of us..

Note: the text of the sermon is a working draft. Like most good Priests, Dr. Roberts delivers from the heart! 

Ill. Bro. Frank Corrigan.

Download this file (Sermon by the Rev'd. Dr. Vaughan S. Roberts.pdf)Sermon 2017[ ]