Rose Croix District

of Warwickshire

A Visit from the Grand Treasurer General

On Wednesday 9th September 2015, the Higher Degrees Chapter, Warwickshire Chapter RC No 483, received a visit from M.Ill.Bro. Guy D A Elgood 33˚, Grand Treasurer General H.E., a member of the Supreme Council 33˚.

M.Ill.Bro Guy Elgood gave a fascinating talk on the History of the Order as well as explaining the work of the Supreme Council.  He then kindly took questions.  The Most Wise Sovereign, Ill.Bro. Michael B Squires 32˚, thanked the Grand Treasurer General on behalf of the Brethren for a most informative and enjoyable talk.

The other important work of the evening was the election of V.Ill.Bro. Alan J Wellan 33˚, Sovereign Grand Inspector General, District of Warwickshire, as the Most Wise Sovereign Elect.  He will be the 6th Inspector General for the District of Warwickshire to take the Chair of this prestigious Chapter and it is hoped that there will be a full turn out for his Installation on Wednesday 1st June 2016. 

Annual Rose Croix Church Service 2015

The Sovereign Grand Inspector General, District of Warwickshire, V. Ill. Bro.Alan J Wellan 33°, and the Most Wise Sovereign of Warwickshire Chapter RC No 483, Ill. Bro. Michael B Squires 32°, would be delighted if you and your family and friends would join them for the Annual Rose Croix Church Service at 3pm on Sunday 13th September 2015 at All Saints Church, Sherbourne, CV35 8AP

The service will be conducted by The Rev. David Jessett, Vicar of All Saints Church and the Address given by E. & P. Bro. Doctor the Rev. Roy Lodge 18°.   W. Bro Michael Irving will be directing the Provincial Choir with E. & P Bro. Peter Summers accompanying on the Organ, and giving a recital before the start of the service. Regalia will not be worn.

A pre-service Luncheon has been arranged at Alderson House, Warwick , reception 12.30 pm for lunch at 1.00 p.m. The price is £20.50 per person. Tea or coffee and cakes and biscuits will be served (If pre-booked and paid for) in the Village Hall after the service at a cost £5.00 per person. Vouchers will be issued to obtain Teas.

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Perfection in Perspective Lecture

At the forthcoming meeting of St. Benedict Chapter RC No. 403 the Inspector General will be presenting the Lecture; Perfection in Perspective. This is one of the best explanations of the Perfection ceremony that exists and all new candidates should be encouraged to hear it as soon as possible after joining the Order.

If you or any other Brethren from you Chapter, are interested in attending the Meeting which will be held at 6.00pm on Thursday 25th June at Coventry Masonic Hall, 165 Warwick Road, Coventry. CV3 6AU please contact the Recorder Mike Smith on 01327 261687 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Through the doors of Number 10.

Members of the District of Warwickshire visit 10 Duke Street
Illustrious Brother Andrew Crooke 31° Past Sentinel of Temple Balsall Rose Croix Chapter 979, organised a trip to London on Monday 27th April for a tour of Grand East – the Headquarters in England of the Ancient & Accepted Rite - situated at 10 Duke Street St. James and later in the day to attend a demonstration in the Grand Temple of Freemasons Hall in Great Queen Street.

Fourteen Brethren travelled from Warwickshire heading for Euston and on our arrival at Duke Street we were greeted by Simon Lincoln the Higher Degrees Assistant who escorted us around the innermost depths of this beautiful building. 

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St Benedict Chapter RC No.403 Perfection ceremony May '15

St Benedict Chapter celebrates a wonderful evening with the perfection of E&P Will Watson.

(L to R) V Ill Bro Alan Wellan (Inspector General), E&P Bro Will Watson (Newly perfected Prince), E&P Bro Frank Corrigan(Sovereign), Ill Bro David Williams (District Recorder), E&P Bro Adrian Snape (First General), Ill Bro Nick Renton (Director of Ceremonies), and Ill Bro Hugh Furber (Prelate).

(L to R) V Ill Bro Alan Wellan (Inspector General), E&P Bro Will Watson (Newly perfected Prince), E&P Bro Frank Corrigan(Sovereign), Ill Bro David Williams (District Recorder), E&P Bro Adrian Snape (First General), Ill Bro Nick Renton (Director of Ceremonies), and Ill Bro Hugh Furber (Prelate).

MRCCI - A New Initiative

As you will be aware, the MRCCI exists to demonstrate and visit Chapters, particularly when no ceremony is planned, to advise Chapters on the correct procedure by which the Perfection and Enthronement ceremonies should be carried out.

The MRCCI has five Deputy Preceptors representing Warwickshire District, each of whom is aligned to a group of Chapters in the District. The MRCCI - Who's Who page lists the currect Deputy Preceptors;

You may wish to add your Deputy Preceptor to your Summons mailing list, it would be nice if you did.

The new initiative is to hold MRCCI seminars. It is proposed that at least three Meetings are held each year hosted by one of the District Chapters, particularly when they have no Candidate.   The idea is to throw the Meeting open to any Brother to conduct any part of the Ceremony which he has yet to undertake.  The choice of work is as follows, following the closure of the Chapter:-

  1. Open, Close and Third Point.  The Preceptors are of the opinion that they should demonstrate the Third Point at the closing of the Chapter prior to any other work.  Advice and direction will be given regarding other Offices, particularly Marshal and Raphael.
  2. Intermediate Degrees, 1st and 2nd Points.
  3. Enthronement with one of the above at (b).

It is hoped that by throwing the Meeting open and giving the Brethren the opportunity to complete their work as Most Wise Sovereign or other Officer it would make for an interesting evening.  It may be that more than one Brother would wish to conduct the same piece of work then in such cases we would do our best to accommodate them within time constraints.

Application by the Chapter to host the evening would be made to the Preceptor responsible for that Chapter and details circulated to the District via the District Recorder.  All participants would pay their own dining fees so there is no cost for the host Chapter to bear. The success of this concept will require the co-operation of Chapters but it is hoped that the incentive will be there for the Brethren participate in an enjoyable evening.

The Inspector General is very supportive of this initiative and  it will have the  added benefit of encouraging Brethren to visit other Chapters.

MRCCI Seminar 18th June 2015

Gerald Alderson Chapter RC No 560 is to host one of the new MRCCI seminars at their next meeting on Thursday 18th June 2015 at 6.00 pm. at 165 Warwick Road Coventry CV3 6AU. The meeting is open to all Brethren who would like to practice any part of the Perfection or Enthronement Ceremonies or a part of the Ceremony which is needed to complete the 30thDegree application.

Any Brother wishing to attend this meeting should apply to David Satchwell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 024 7640 2402.

In order that the meeting can be organized please state what part of the Ceremony you wish to practise.

Ovation for Ill. Bro Ken Wilkinson

At the Higher Degrees Meeting at the Grand East on Tuesday 10th February, Ill. Bro. Ken Wilkinson of Temple Balsall Chapter No.979 was promoted to the 31° at the age of 96 years.

Ken had a thoroughly enjoyable day and was personally welcomed by the members of the Supreme Council and their Officers at a drinks reception following the Ceremony.

At the Festive Board afterwards, The Sovereign Grand Commander, Most Puissant Bro. A. J. Englefield, during his speech, announced that Ill\Bro. Ken was an ex-Spitfire pilot having served during the 2nd World War, this was spontaneously applauded with a standing ovation by all those present.

Congratulations Ill. Bro. Ken on a well-deserved honour!