Rose Croix District

of Warwickshire

Something old, something new at Stratford-upon-Avon Chapter RC No. 620

There was nothing borrowed or blue at the meeting on 26th September when Bro. Peter Groom, a Community Police Officer based at Warwick, was Perfected into Rose Croix Masonry and Ill.·. Bro. Don Yetman was presented with his Supreme Council Certificate recording 50 years of membership.

Our Inspector General, V.·. Ill.·. Bro. Alan J. Wellan, 33º discharged the Accolade for Peter during his Perfection by the MWS, Ill.·. Bro. Joseph Tildesley, and in the item of work immediately following V.·. Ill.·. Bro. Alan presented Don with his Certificate giving a summary of his life, career and Rose Croix achievements. In so doing he was able to illustrate the continuity of the Order through Peter's Perfection and Don's long membership and service, especially as he has travelled to Stratford for each meeting since moving from Solihull to Bournemouth in 1999.

This unique occasion was recognised by all who attended the ceremony and recorded by the photographs of the occasion taken by the Chapter's DC, Ill.·. Bro. Gerry Logue.

The Chapter wishes both Peter and Don good health and a successful and happy future, with Peter setting out on his Rose Croix journey and Don being rightly congratulated for achieving 50 happy years as a Rose Croix Mason.


The annual service at Sherbourne Church

More than one hundred people joined the Sovereign Grand Inspector General, District of Warwickshire, V.·. Ill.·. Bro. Alan J. Wellan 33°, and his wife Joy for a glorious afternoon on Sunday 9th September 2018.

Many gathered at Alderson House for another splendid luncheon before the short drive to All Saints Parish Church in thankfully fine weather.  On this occasion Ill.·. Bro. Geoffrey Walker, 30°, marshalled proceedings in conjunction with the Church Warden, Bro. David Hill.

Bro. Peter Summers gave a brief organ recital as the congregation settled and proceedings began with a welcome from the reverend David Jessett, Vicar of Sherbourne who went on to lead the service.  After announcing that he would retire before our 2019 service, he expressed his thanks on behalf of the church for the long-term supportive association between the parish and our District.

The service was again enriched by contributions from the Provincial Choir, whose presence gave courage to the congretation to sing out loud.  In his capacity as MWS of Warwickshire Chapter RC No 483 , Ill.·. Bro. Steven Fowler 32° read the first lesson and the second was delivered by our Inspector General.

A rivetting sermon was delivered by Doctor the Reverend Roy Lodge, MBE, 18°, and the text is attached.  His candour and searing perception make the content compelling reading and even those of us who were fortunate enough to hear it on the day will be rewarded by readig the written word. 

Prayers for our Queen and an uplifting rendition of the National Anthem followed before a short amble along the lane to the village hall for tea and cakes to round off a perfect day. 

King Edward VII Rose Croix Chapter of Improvement in Birmingham

The Midlands Rose Croix Chapter of Improvement managed to secure one of the three travelling Demonstrations delivered by this Supreme Council authorised Chapter of Improvement at Moseley Masonic Hall on Wednesday 6th June 2018.  One hundred and fifty Princes filled the large Temple to generate an intimate atmosphere for the 11th degree: Sublime Prince Elect and Arcana of the 12th degree: Grand Master Architect.  Like all of the Intermediate Degrees, these demonstrations are based upon the Francken manuscripts held by Supreme Council and so the ritual has effectively been resurrected thanks to considerable input from Supreme Council.

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A wonderful evening in Warwick

Guy’s Cliffe Chapter RC No. 877 graciously shared their Enthronement ceremony at Alderson House on 22nd March 2018 with the presentation of an extended patent to our Sovereign Grand Inspector General, V.·.Ill.·.Bro. Alan John Wellan 33°.

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Ill.·.Bro. Spencer T.E. Fenn 32°: Fifty years and counting

During the Enthronement of Ill.·.Bro. Steven Fowler 31° into the chair of Warwickshire Chapter RC No. 483 on Thursday 31st May 2018 by Ill.·.Bro. Charles Williams 32°, Ill.·.Bro. Spencer Fenn 32° was re-presented with a Certificate to mark the fiftieth anniversary of his becoming a Knight of the Pelican and Eagle and a Prince of the Order of the Rose Croix of Heredom by the Sovereign Grand Inspector General for the District of Warwickshire, V.·.Ill.·.Bro. Alan J. Wellan 33°. This rare event was witnessed by sixty-six Princes, including two visiting Inspectors General, another member of the 33°, leaders of other Orders and eight Honorary Members who currently reign as Most Wise Sovereigns within Warwickshire Chapters.

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Barnard Chapter R.C. No. 190 - the first century

An excited air and fifty-four brethren filled Severn Street Masonic Hall on Thursday 24th May 2018 to witness the Installation of E&P Bro. John David Harris: the 98th MWS of this respected Chapter, at the skilled hands of E&P Bro Michael John Betts. Amongst the witnesses to this splendid ceremony was the Grand Prior, Most Ill..·. Bro. The Reverend Dr. John R.H. Railton supported by Ill..·. Bro. Dr. Jonathan Lippiat, the Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies, two visiting Inspectors General, a holder of the 33rd degree and the Sovereign Grand Inspector General for the District of Warwickshire, V..·. Ill..·. Bro. Alan John Wellan.

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King Edward VII RC Chapter of Improvement 2018 demonstrations

11th Degree "Sublime Prince Elect and Arcana" and 12th Degree "Grand Master Architect"

This excellent series of demonstrations continues from where they left off in 2017, coming to Moseley Masonic Hall, 221 Alcester Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 6DT on Wednesday 6th June 2018.  That date had originally been set for the regular meeting of the Warwickshire Chapter No. 483 and so the Chapter has naturally given way to our visitors.  Any Rose Croix freemason is welcome to attend, no matter how recently you were perfected, and the hope is that every Chapter will be represented.

Overseen and supported once again by the Midlands Rose Croix Chapter of Improvement, comprising the Districts of Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire and Shropshire, these glimpses into the history of our Order are always extremely popular.  The Inspectors General of all three Districts encourage you to take up this rare opportunity; one which will not arise again for at least another nine years.  To attend only the Demonstration will cost £10.00 with dinner adding a further £27.50, including wines and soft drinks, for which a downloadable application is attached.

Those of you who are too impatient to wait until June can see them in The Grand Temple at Freemason's Hall, Great Queen Street, London on Monday 30th April 2018.  Attendance of the 1:30pm preview is free, the 5:00pm demonstration alone costs £17.00 with dinner in the Grand Connaught Rooms adding a further £31.00 and a downloadable application is also attached for the London event.

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