Rose Croix District

of Warwickshire

Meeting at Coventry

4th Thursday in April, June & September (Enthronement)

Chapter Officers

MWS PJW Dudley
Prelate SM Andrews
First General H Furber
Second General  PW Jeffree
Treasurer  RE Hall 
Recorder FJ Corrigan
Director of Ceremonies RG Casson 
Marshal KM Stead
Raphael DA Williams
Assistant D of C NW Renton
Assistant Recorder None
Almoner DJ Evans 
Herald G Prestidge
Organist GW Lea 
Captain of the Guard AS Reed
Stewards VW Keene 
  GA Cowley
  PJ Rowlands
  MT Cummings
Outer Guard RE Ballard

Meeting place details

165 Warwick Road,Coventry,West Midlands,CV3 6AU