Rose Croix District

of Warwickshire

Meeting at Knowle

1st Wednesday in February, 3rd Thursday in May (Enthronement) & 1st Wednesday in July

Chapter Officers

MWS SF Mingo
Prelate DA Plater
First General D Wright
Second General  DF Macey 
Treasurer  RA Pinnell
Recorder RD Jones 
Director of Ceremonies SW Fowler 
Marshal MS Smith
Raphael PL Britton 
Assistant D of C WE Davies 
Assistant Recorder None 
Almoner NEA Watkin 
Herald RE Dixon 
Organist None
Captain of the Guard K Say 
Stewards P Hayward
  RA Pinnell
  RD Jones
Outer Guard PD Clarke 

Meeting place details

Knowle (Solihull)
1621 Warwick Road,Knowle,West Midlands,B93 9LF