Rose Croix District

of Warwickshire

Meeting at Alderson House, Warwick

4th Wednesday in February, May (Enthronement) & November

Chapter Officers

MWS JA Smith
Prelate RH Pearce (Dr)
First General GR Boardman
Second General  K Marchington
Treasurer  PG Roberts
Recorder JR Beavis
Director of Ceremonies STE Fenn
Marshal PH Thorns 
Raphael CF Lovegrove 
Assistant D of C  
Assistant Recorder  
Almoner RH Pearce (Dr)
Herald DJ Fisher
Organist JJ Clink 
Captain of the Guard PM Robbins 
Stewards CW Baldwin
  SC Baldwin
  DR Stickley
Outer Guard  

Meeting place details

Warwick (Alderson House)
23 High Street,Warwick,Warwickshire,CV34 4AX