Rose Croix District

of Warwickshire

Meeting at Knowle

1st Wednesday in March, May (Enthronement), December

Chapter Officers

MWS RA Hinton
Prelate RAF Willsher 
First General JW Page
Second General  DJ Harborne 
Treasurer  DS Carey 
Recorder JL Clews 
Director of Ceremonies DJ Howie 
Marshal AM Roughton
Raphael SJ Cooley 
Assistant D of C PA Wintle 
Assistant Recorder no appointment 
Almoner MW Bartlett 
Herald D Wattison 
Organist JA Walford 
Captain of the Guard BJ Ashton 
Stewards D Broome
  SC Price
  AM Armour
Outer Guard PD Clarke

Meeting place details

Knowle (Solihull)
1621 Warwick Road,Knowle,West Midlands,B93 9LF