Rose Croix District

of Warwickshire

V. Ill. Alan J Wellan, Inspector General

District News

A splendid evening at the 2016 MRCCI festival

Some of the 2016 team

What a splendid evening was had by all those who were at Kings Heath on Thursday July 14th to witness a demonstration of the 18th Degree ceremony and then enjoy being one of the hundred who stayed for the festive board. Considerably more than that 100 were in the temple for the ceremony itself as many did not stay for the very convivial dinner.

The Inspectors General of the three districts that form MRCCI, two past Inspectors General and V\Illustrious\Bro. Richard Wallis, 33° accompanied the Most\Illustrious\Bro. Guy Elgood, Grand Treasurer General H\E\ into the temple where they were welcomed by Ill\Bro. David Paterson 32°. The team being in place Bro. David explained that he would give a commentary as the evening evolved and a significant number of different masons filled offices for varying lengths of time.

The names of the participants and the roles they filled can be seen on the programme that is on this web site. Every participant had worked incredibly hard in the preceding weeks under the guidance of the Warwickshire Deputy Preceptors, a team of very dedicated and committed Rose Croix Masons. The emotion in the room was intense at times, such was the quality of the work.

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Annual Church Service 2016

The Sovereign Grand Inspector General, District of Warwickshire, V\Ill\Bro. Alan J. Wellan 33°, would be delighted if you and your family and friends would join him for the Annual Rose Croix Church Service at 3pm on Sunday 11th September 2016.

Held at All Saints Church, Sherbourne, CV35 8AP the service will be conducted and the address given by E. & P. Bro. Doctor the Rev. Roy Lodge 18°.   W. Bro. Michael Irving will be directing the Provincial Choir with E. & P. Bro. Peter Summers accompanying on the Organ and giving a recital before the start of the service. Regalia will not be worn. A pre-service Luncheon has been arranged at Alderson House, Warwick: reception at 12:30pm for lunch at 1:00pm. The price is £21.00 per person. Tea or coffee and cake will be served (if pre-booked and paid for) in the Sherbourne Village Hall after the service at a cost of £6.00 per person. Vouchers will be issued at the luncheon to those who have ordered and paid for tea and cake. Vouchers for tea and cake will be sent by post to those not attending the lunch.


Welsh rarebit with smoky bacon, slow cooked beef with potatoes and seasonal vegetables, lemon syllabub, tea or coffee

Vegetarian menu:

Welsh rarebit, mushroom stroganoff with potatoes and seasonal vegetables, lemon syllabub, tea or coffee


Inspector General enthroned as MWS

Warwickshire RC Chapter No 483

On Wednesday 1st June 2016 III\Bro. Michael Squires 32° carried out an impeccable ceremony under the kindly eyes of V\III\Bros. Ian Crowe and Richard Hoare, Inspectors General for the Districts of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire and Worcestershire respectively.  Michael delivered the ritual in impeccable and meaningful style and the recipient, our own Inspector General, Alan Wellan, was most impressed and somewhat overawed and is now even more conscious of the pressures that each Most Wise Sovereign feels on such evenings!

Nearly 70 brethren were present, with the result that the atmosphere in the Chapter and at the Festive Board was splendid. Would that every meeting of Rose Croix masons could be so well supported! Amongst those present were our own PGM, our Grand Superintendent, their Deputies and, importantly, eight MWS.

As the Chapter does not carry out Labour in the traditional sense the newly enthroned MWS presented a paper he had written illustrating some of the similarities between London Livery Companies and Freemasonry. We do have a lot in common.

A splendid Festive Board followed, the tables bearing more than 70 red roses and everyone present being invited to take one home. A happy evening having ended the brethren departed in good spirits.

Those who have been promoted to 30° or higher are reminded that they are eligible to join this prestigious chapter... and are urged to do so.



Geoff Cowley - our latest Assistant Grand OrganistCongratulations to Ill. Bro. Geoff Cowley 30° who has been appointed by Supreme Council as Assistant Grand Organist.

This means that he not only plays at the Grand East, Duke Street, St. James, London for the 30°ceremonies, but also for some of the installation ceremonies of Inspectors General up and down the country.