Rose Croix District

of Warwickshire

V. Ill. Alan J Wellan, Inspector General

District News

A reflection on Demonstrations by the King Edward VII RC Chapter of Improvement

Some thoughts by E & P Bro William Watson on a visit to London on April 24th 2017

Click here to open a stimulating article written by one of our less experienced brethren.  We could all learn from his inciteful notes.

The Quaich has moved!

Himalaya Chapter wrest the Quaich at Stratford upon Avon

Himalaya Chapter RC no. 80 gain the Quaich

On Wednesday 26th April 2017 five visitors from Himalaya Chapter RC 80 attended Stratford Upon Avon Chapter RC 620 and claimed the visitors' Quaich.  An excellent evening in the Temple was crowned by the subsequent Festive Board at which the Quaich was surrendered, complete with the requisite contents and suitable hilarity.  A photograph of the happy occasion confirms the changeover.

So - when does a deputation from your Chapter plan to visit Himalaya?

Their next meeting is on Monday 8th May 2017.  Good luck!

Meeting for all recently Perfected brethren

Barnard Chapter No. 160 to host Perfectees Meeting

As it can take some time to appreciate and understand our Ceremonies, all recently Perfected brethren and members are invited to attend the next Chapter meeting of Barnard Chapter to be held on Thurs 25th May 2017 at 6.00pm at 60 Severn St. Birmingham B1 1QG.

The Inspector General will deliver the lecture “Perfection in Perspective”, which does much to explain the meaning behind our Ceremonies and he will gladly take questions in the hope of dealing with any uncertainties you may have.

Anyone who would be interested in attending - and hopefully that is many - please contact the District Recorder by e-mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An enjoyable evening is promised !

Christmas message from the Sovereign Grand Inspector General

A downloadable copy of the 2016 Christmas message from the Inspector General, V.... Ill.... Bro. Alan J. Wellan, 330, is attached.