Rose Croix District

of Warwickshire

V. Ill. Alan J Wellan, Inspector General

District News

A double-Perfection at St Benedict Chapter

Thursday 22nd June will see two Candidates being Perfected simultaneously, thanks to the good offices of Himalaya Chapter No 80 who have loaned their ladder and so forth.  The Chapter has been very fortunate in attracting new members in recent years but the timing for the latest brethren was such that a ten-month wait was inevitable for one of them if a "double" was not to be held. 

Ceremonies like this are rarely performed and the brethren of St Benedict Chapter are grateful for the understanding and assistance they have received from our Inspector General and the District Recorder in making the necessary preparations. 

If you would like to witness this rare event you can obtain a Summons by contacting the Recorder on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The 2017 MRCCI Demonstration of a ceremony of Perfection

Alderson House was packed with brethren on Tuesday, 23rd May to witness another fine Demonstration by District of Warwickshire brethren.  And what good fortune those visitors had, as the patent enthusiasm of the Deputy Preceptors was reflected in the high quality of the ritual displayed. 

Eight of the eighteen Chapters in our District provided the demonstration team: five from Silhill, two each from Barnard and St Benedict plus one representative each from Vernon, Leigh, Aesculapius, Greswolde and Guy’s Cliffe Chapters. Each one of them had chosen to push themselves beyond the Office that they currently hold and their enjoyment of the work proved to be infectious amongst the visitors.

Offices were rotated between the Demonstration team throughout the evening to give everyone a chance to test themselves with the more challenging aspects of the ritual, interspersed with a helpful commentary from the Narrator: Ill. Bro. Steven Fowler. Learning and self-improvement has rarely been more fun. 

The catering at Alderson House was at its usual high standard for the subsequent Festive Board, at which our Inspector General expressed his thanks to both the Preceptors and all participants for the time and effort they had clearly invested for our collective benefit before another happy evening of Rose Croix masonry drew to a close. 

There is no substitute though for taking part, benefitting not only your own understanding of our beautiful Christian Order and its ritual but also that of your Chapter, so please request the automatic website updates so you don’t miss the opportunity next year.

A reflection on Demonstrations by the King Edward VII RC Chapter of Improvement

Some thoughts by E & P Bro William Watson on a visit to London on April 24th 2017

Click here to open a stimulating article written by one of our less experienced brethren.  We could all learn from his inciteful notes.

The Quaich has moved!

Himalaya Chapter wrest the Quaich at Stratford upon Avon

Himalaya Chapter RC no. 80 gain the Quaich

On Wednesday 26th April 2017 five visitors from Himalaya Chapter RC 80 attended Stratford Upon Avon Chapter RC 620 and claimed the visitors' Quaich.  An excellent evening in the Temple was crowned by the subsequent Festive Board at which the Quaich was surrendered, complete with the requisite contents and suitable hilarity.  A photograph of the happy occasion confirms the changeover.

So - when does a deputation from your Chapter plan to visit Himalaya?

Their next meeting is on Monday 8th May 2017.  Good luck!