Rose Croix District

of Warwickshire

V. Ill. Alan J Wellan, Inspector General

District News

Patent extension

During the meeting of Guy's Cliffe Chapter R.C. No. 877 on 22nd March 2018 at 5:30pm the Most Puissant Bro. Alan J. Englefield 33°, the Sovereign Grand Commander, will extend the patent of the Sovereign Grand Inspector General for the District of Warwickshire V\Ill\Bro. Alan John Wellan 33° for a further five years.

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Barnard Chapter No. 190 - the first 100 years

Thursday 1st February 2018 saw the centenary of the foundation of this Chapter but it will be celebrated fully during their Installation meeting on Thursday 24th May in Severn Street, at which E&P Bro. John Harris is to be Enthroned as Most Wise Sovereign.  In addition to the presence of our own Inspector General, a representative of Supreme Council will honour this remarkable event by presenting a 100-year Warrant to the Chapter.  A four-course Festive Board follows the meeting, during which Toasts will be made to recognise some of the Chapter's achievements of the last century and those anticipated in the next.  The dining fee is a mere £25.00, including wines and soft drinks, but please reserve a place with the Recorder, Ill Bro Mark Rea, to avoid the risk of disappointment on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

King Edward VII RC Chapter of Improvement 2018 demonstrations

11th Degree "Sublime Prince Elect and Arcana" and 12th Degree "Grand Master Architect"

This excellent series of demonstrations continues from where they left off in 2017, coming to Moseley Masonic Hall, 221 Alcester Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 6DT on Wednesday 6th June 2018.  That date had originally been set for the regular meeting of the Warwickshire Chapter No. 483 and so the Chapter has naturally given way to our visitors.  Any Rose Croix freemason is welcome to attend, no matter how recently you were perfected, and the hope is that every Chapter will be represented.

Overseen and supported once again by the Midlands Rose Croix Chapter of Improvement, comprising the Districts of Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire and Shropshire, these glimpses into the history of our Order are always extremely popular.  The Inspectors General of all three Districts encourage you to take up this rare opportunity; one which will not arise again for at least another nine years.  To attend only the Demonstration will cost £10.00 with dinner adding a further £27.50, including wines and soft drinks, for which a downloadable application is attached.

Those of you who are too impatient to wait until June can see them in The Grand Temple at Freemason's Hall, Great Queen Street, London on Monday 30th April 2018.  Attendance of the 1:30pm preview is free, the 5:00pm demonstration alone costs £17.00 with dinner in the Grand Connaught Rooms adding a further £31.00 and a downloadable application is also attached for the London event.

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A report from Ill. Bro. Michael B Squires on a visit to Johannesburg.

From the 19th - 25th November of this year I was in South Africa in my capacity as Grand Treasurer for the Operatives: 4 days in Cape Town and 3 days in Johannesburg.  Whilst there, I was invited to attend a Rose Croix meeting at Freemason’s Hall, Park Lane, Johannesburg which turned out to be even more interesting than I had anticipated.

I had originally expected it to be an “ordinary” Rose Croix meeting but, in the event, it turned out to be a meeting of the North West District of the South African Branch Council at which 7 Candidates received their 30°.  Clearly, it is not realistic for local Brethren eligible for their 30° to travel to Duke Street in London to receive their degree, so the local District have authority from Supreme Council in the UK to carry out these ceremonies on their behalf.

I was in awe at the distance some of these Brethren had travelled to receive their degree.  One candidate came from Concordia Chapter No 758 which meets in Swaziland - a distance of some 5 hours by car!  The ceremony was of a very high standard and just as you would expect to see it in Duke Street.

I was greeted warmly as an honoured guest by the Inspector General, V. Ill. Bro. C van Gaalen, 33°, who in his greeting explained to the Brethren that I was a member of one of the oldest Chapters in the World: Vernon Chapter No. 5, and got a laugh at my expense by saying he did not think I was a Founder Member!  An excellent meeting was concluded with a very enjoyable Festive Board.

Michael Squires, 32°

Vernon Chapter No. 5